New to cloth wipes, or intimidated to make the switch? Using cloth wipes is just like using disposable wipes! Read 3 reasons you should make the switch to cloth wipes. Once you’re ready to dive in, you can use this acronym, WIPE, during those poopy diaper changes, and it’ll become second nature in no time.


Moisten the reusable wipe with our wipe solution or even water! You have a few options on how to best moisten the wipes, here are some ideas:

  • Spray the wipes at each diaper change with a spray bottle. This is great because you can moisten exactly the number of wipes you need in the moment.
  • Hydrate 10-15 wipes at a time and store in a small wet bag or wipes warmer to keep them clean and moist.
  • Stop by the sink right before your diaper change to wet a few wipes with water.

Using wipe solution or water with cloth wipes is far better than most disposable wipes that have chemicals, fragrances, and plastic. Disposable wipes are notorious for irritating baby’s bum, drying out their skin, and diaper rash! 100% Cotton wipes paired with our soothing wipe solution will keep your baby clean and happy. Our concentrated solution will last you 6 months of diaper changes and it’s super easy to use. Simply mix 2 caps into 16 oz of water and you’re all set!


If you’re new to the diaper changing business, it’s important to clean baby’s bum well from the poopy mess they make! Wipe from the inside out, continually moving poop away from the baby’s genitals. Make sure all the cracks and crevices are clean is important in preventing infections and diaper rash. All that wiping can aggravate baby’s skin, which why we recommend the soft, natural fibers of cloth wipes.


This is the easiest part! Toss those dirty wipes right into your pail or wet bag to be washed with your diapers. If you’re washing at home, you can launder your wipes with your cloth diapers since they’re all made of similar materials. If you’re using our service, toss them right into your pail with your soiled diapers and we’ll take care of the rest! Mixing cloth wipes with your cloth diapers is one of the reasons they’re so easy. Imagine using disposable wipes with cloth diapers – you have to have two separate spots to dispose of them. A trashcan for the wipes and a pail for your cloth diapers – it just doesn’t make sense!


Leave the extra wipe solution on your baby’s bum to moisturize and protect their skin. Olive oil, witch hazel, and vitamin E will soothe their skin and add a layer of protection for future diaper changes.

Watch this video to see how simple it is to incorporate cloth wipes into your diapering routine! Making the switch is not only easy, but beneficial for your delicate skin and the environment. By following the acronym WIPE you’ll find that using cloth wipes becomes second nature in no time.

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