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We’re passionate about the environment and our planet. Join our community of like-minded families leaving a positive legacy for our children! We believe that minimizing chemicals and using reusable products will get us closer to our goal. Luludew will help make that happen. Join Us!!!

Diaper Delivery Service

You’ll receive clean, sanitized diapers to your door. No need to wash diapers at home. We offer a range of options perfect for your lifestyle. Simply leave out soiled diapers and we’ll replace them for clean, sanitized diapers.

Product Delivery Service

Looking for cleaning products with minimal ingredients? We’ll deliver cleaning products to your door. Need a refill? We’ll pick up your empty containers and refill them for a fraction of the cost.

Paper Subscribe & Save

You’ll receive monthly deliveries of the most eco-friendly paper diaper on the market! You’ll save up to 25% off retail pricing. Additionally, you’ll help keep your money in your local economy. A win! win!

Towel Delivery Service

Have you dreamed of replacing paper towels once and for all? Want to sit down to cloth napkins at the dinner table? Do it today! We’ll deliver cloth towels every week. We’ll wash and sanitize them for you and you’ll save the planet.


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