If you haven’t noticed, babies generate a TON of waste!  Bags of disposable diapers are tossed in trash cans with such frequency that disposable diapers are now the 3rd most common item in landfills today!

Given this staggering fact, many families are switching to cloth diapers to minimize their impact on Mother Earth AND it’s making a HUGE difference! Modern parents don’t fall victim to the stigma that cloth diapers are all pins and rubber pants… NO WAY! If you’ve seen a modern cloth diaper recently, you’ll notice they’ve come a long way! They are convenient, easy to use, super absorbent, and on and on…. BUT… They STILL need to be laundered! cue the gasps!!!

Alright! It’s not that scary really, but even with the best intentions, some families fall victim to convenience. Many families like the “idea” of cloth diapering and understand that making the choice to switch comes with many benefits, but the thought of washing dirty diapers makes them second guess giving it a try. For those parents who can’t wrap their minds around washing, that’s where a diaper service comes in… We’ll convert even the most squeamish baby-changer into a modern cloth diapering parent.

Here are the TOP 4 reasons to use a diaper delivery service!

#1 Education

Diaper services have done a TON of research and have created diaper options that are easy, convenient, and work! They’ve tested diapers, covers, accessories and have selected items that make the journey into cloth an amazing experience. And they are ready to teach you everything they know! Luludew offers in-office classes and by the end of class, you’ll be an expert… we promise!

#2 Convenient

Our families are amazed at how easy and modern cloth diapering has become. Long gone are the days when families had to dunk a soiled diaper in the toilet before a diaper service would touch it. Nope! You simply toss the soiled diaper in our pail and forget about it! Seriously… it’s just that easy… Don’t believe us? Meet our staff! Our in-house wash technicians work to get your baby’s diapers clean! AND they’re still smiling!!!

Once we take the soiled diapers from your door, your job is done! We wash, sanitize, and return clean diapers to your door week after week. It’s just that simple!

#3 Economical

Many families feel that using a diaper service is a luxury that costs more than buying disposable diapers.  Nope! Our service is priced similar to paper diapers, and when you factor that a baby in cloth usually learns the potty 1+ year before a baby in disposables, you save a ton of money. Yup! Less expensive and you have the added benefit of having your diapers delivered direct to your door.

#4 Better for Baby

If you haven’t been convinced yet, this is probably the BEST reason to switch to cloth diapers… Using cloth diapers will allow your baby to use a diaper that has no chemicals, made of cloth, and won’t release chemicals that are then absorbed into their skin! Ouch… And because cloth absorbs but doesn’t pull moisture away from their skin, they are less likely to get a diaper rash or chemical burns like disposables. Check out the ingredient list in disposables…

So there you have it! The top 4 reasons using a diaper service is better for your family. Go ahead… give it a try! Mother Earth will thank you!!!


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