Say goodbye to worries about cloth diaper pail odors! In this blog, we address the common concern of cloth diapers smelling. Whether you’re washing cloth diapers at home or utilizing a diaper service, discover our expert tips to ensure a fresh and pleasant diapering experience.

The Facts:

Typically, babies on a breast milk or formula diet won’t give produce terrible smelling diaper changes. Their liquid bowel movements, though more prone to blowouts, won’t hold a strong odor. However, once solid foods enter the scene, things get interesting. Peas and beans, for example, change the diaper game. And as toddlers, their pee might develop an ammonia smell. But fear not, we’ve got 5 tips to eliminate any lingering pail odors!

#1 “Plop” the Poop:

Embrace the Luludew mantra—plop that poop! Once baby has started solids, and thus their poop is more solid – deposit their waste directly into the toilet. This means less poop in your pail, equating to less smell. It’s not just convenient; it aligns with proper waste management, reduces stains and makes washing easier. Plop away to keep your pail smelling fresh!

Additional Tip: Using Stay-Dry Liners can make plopping poop into the toilet easier!

#2 Pail Powder:

Enter our superhero—pail deodorant! Shake it directly onto soiled diapers for an instant neutralization of barnyard poop and ammonia smells. With a tea tree oil and baking soda base, it’s baby-safe and doubles as an excellent cleaning scrub for your bathroom or kitchen.

Additional Tip: Opt for our eco-friendly refill packets in compostable paper sacks to minimize plastic waste.

#3 Second Liner:

For those using  diaper service, a second liner is your secret weapon. Request one with your weekly delivery, switch them out midway through the week, and tie up soiled diapers securely. No odor seeping out, just a discreet and fresh solution.

Additional Tip: It’s a hassle-free way to manage diapering with minimal fuss.

#4 Keep the Lid Closed:

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to do this! Our diaper pails come with lids for a reason—keeping odors contained. It’s as simple as closing the lid daily, but for an extra refresh, set the empty pail outside once a month for some well-deserved fresh air.

Additional Tip: Airing out the pail is like giving it a breath of fresh air—it works wonders.

Fear not the smells; embrace the journey! At Luludew, we provide everything you need for a successful and odor-free cloth diapering experience. Don’t let concerns about diaper pail odors hold you back—diaper your way with confidence and freshness!

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