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How to Handle Your Diapers

It is not necessary to rinse or soak Luludew’s cloth diapers. We’ve spent a great deal of time developing our sanitary wash formula. For older children, you may shake off loose stool into your toilet, and then deposit the soiled diaper in the container and leave the rest to us.

We ask that you don’t use Regular Formula Destine due to the amount of cod liver oil and zinc oxide used and it’s not the best option for you baby’s sensitive skin. This particular formula permanently stains and damages the diapers. You can use cloth-friendly diaper balm regularly.

Please visit our store for low toxicity options that are free of dangerous chemicals.

Diaper Pick Up & Delivery
A diaper pail is provided as a rental with your first delivery. Line your container with the re-useable bag used to deliver your diapers as it will have your account details attached.

On your specified delivery day, please leave out soiled diapers on your porch or other pre-designated area. If you have a particular area for pick up please notify our office or your driver so that we can log this on to our route schedule.

Your delivery day and time is determined by your geographic location. Under normal circumstances your driver will be at your home at approximately the same time each delivery day. If there is a change in the route for any reason, we will sent you a text notification.

Forgot to Leave Out Your Diapers?

If you forget to leave out your diapers, the driver will still drop off clean diapers. You have 3 options:

  1. Do nothing and we’ll pick up 2 bags the following week
  2. Drive to our facility and drop off the bag you forgot to leave out
  3. Contact us and schedule a special pick up for a $20 charge.

If we don’t pick up soiled diapers the week prior, we will only pick up dirties the following week. We cannot deliver clean diapers.

We will send out a courtesy text message every week to remind you to leave out your diapers. If for some reason you are not receiving the text messages, your carrier may have blocked the text messaging service. Call us to trouble shoot this issue.

Diaper Count

On your first two (2) deliveries we’ll deliver the number of diapers you’ve ordered upon signing up. Beginning with the third delivery we will place you in a rotation system, which means that the number of used diapers you return in one week will be returned to you the following week up to the maximum number of your weekly diaper order. We assume that if you don’t return soiled diapers, they are clean in your home.

If you are finding that you are running short of diapers, contact us to increase your diaper count. As a courtesy, we will add 10 diapers to your count at no extra cost to you.

In order to make adjustments to your service in time for your next delivery, please call our office 2 business days prior to your delivery date. Weekends and holidays don’t count.

Clean Diapers should only be turned in after you have spoken to us on the phone about a vacation, a size change, or a number drop. Please do not turn in your clean diapers unless you have spoken to the office because this will always throw your number and count off.


For your convenience, our service is billed and payable in advance every four weeks. Your billing cycle begins the first day you begin using the diapers. The day our driver comes to pick up your diapers, is the end of your first week. We will create a automatic, reoccurring charge every 4 weeks automatically. Every time your card is charged, we will send you an email receipt. For your convenience, we offer package specials which allow you to purchase weeks in advance and receive the benefit of free weeks of service and free covers depending on the package you choose. Please note that there are no cash or credit card refunds for our service and when a package is not fulfilled, store credit will be issued for remaining weeks not used minus any free items you received. Store credit will remain on file for 1 year. Any credit not redeemed in that time will be lost.

Pre-Birth Delivery

If you book your office demo before your due date, you’ll take home your diapers in at your office demo. Typically, the normal weekly rental charges don’t start until after you bring the baby home. We hold service up to 3 weeks from your demo date.

However, if you have your diapers in your home over 4 weeks without activation or without contacting us with extenuating circumstances, charges will begin to accrue on your account. If you find you wish to start using the cloth at a later date after the baby has arrived, please call us immediately and make arrangements to return all diapers so we may pause your service. We can restart you at a later date, however you will be charged $15 to deliver your diapers to your home once again.

Our minimum commitment is four (4) weeks, and this first four (4) weeks is not refundable. This payment is due at your demo date.

Please remember to notify us as soon as you start using the diapers so we may add you to our delivery route.

Holiday Service

Babies don’t stop, and neither do we! While our office may have shortened hours, our drivers have decided to work all recognized Holidays. We will send you a notice of any revised delivery schedule 1 to 2 weeks prior to any major holiday so you can be sure to get your diapers out for pick up.


Our service is billed every 4 weeks like a gym membership. Because our diapers are in your home reserved for you, the weekly fee is assessed every week even when on vacation. Call us to convert your service to paper or to get tips on traveling with cloth. Prior to going on your vacation, we ask that you contact us 1 to 2 weeks before to make sure we can make proper pick up arrangements. You have two options when you go on vacation:

  1. Take cloth with you. Since you’ll be using our diapers, service is continues as normal.
  2. Contact us and we will convert your service to paper diapers to take on your vacation.

Because diapers can’t sit in the pail longer than 1 week, we’ll need to pickup any soiled diapers before your vacation.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that no diapers are left dirty in your home when you go away on vacation. There is a high chance your diapers will get damaged and ruined. If this occurs, we will need to charge for damaged diapers.


If you are moving within our service area, please contact us to update your address and update your delivery day. For this reason we need ample time to make the changes so that your service is not interrupted.

It’s very important to call us PRIOR to moving, especially if you are going to be relocating out of our service area.

Ending Service

To discontinue your service we require a minimum of one (1) week notice in advance of your next scheduled delivery day. After notifying us, it’s important to leave out everything for final pickup (pail, bags, diapers). At that time, the final diaper count audit is done and you’ll be contacted regarding any refunds or charges due. Remember, if any diapers are missing or damaged, we will need to recover the cost for these missing items. If you wish to keep any items, please contact us for special pricing.

As parents, we know that the day your child no longer needs diapers may be almost as exciting as the day he or she was born. We hope that during the “diapering period” of your baby’s life that our service was everything and more than you hoped for from a diaper service. We will also try and make your transition from diapers as simple as possible.

If financial matters are prompting your termination, you may wish to consider the following: The average parent has found the price difference between doing it themselves and diaper service is only about $2.00 a week. This is taking into consideration soaps, water, electricity, wear and tear, finding the high quality diapers themselves, plus your time and labor.

For plastic (disposables), most parents have found there to be a 15% INCREASE in your monthly costs versus our diaper service, in addition to the impact on the environment, and the unhealthy chemicals and materials coming into contact with your baby. Even though disposables advertise that they keep wetness from your baby’s skin and you can sometimes leave them on a little longer, body waste mixes with those dangerous chemicals to form gases that stay trapped in the diaper and thus against your baby’s tender skin.

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