Diapering your baby doesn’t have to be expensive! We have several plans that can save you money. When a baby is in an earth-friendly diaper, they feel when their diaper is wet therefore they learn the potty quicker.

When you use our diaper service, we are charging a weekly fee instead of a per diaper charge. Need more? No worries. We’ll add them to your service at little to no cost.

Need a paper option? Our paper diapers are much less than buying online.

Expecting Twins? You save even more because we only charge you 1/2 price for baby #2.

The Benefits

Luludew economic benefits

  • Our diaper services use less water and soap than laundering at home. We wash and dry the diapers in large quantities which leads to less waste. This allows us to price our service at an affordable cost.
  • To save even more money, switch to reusable cloth wipes which work very well. Simply use plain water to make them easier to wipe. Our cloth wipes are less than running to the store to purchase paper wipes.
  • You can use diaper covers with more than one child saving you even more money.
  • With our diapers, you save money with every diaper you change.
  • Infants who use cloth diapers potty learn an average of 1 year before children who use disposables.

If you want to experience how our diapers can save you money, please call us! 323.225.5858 or email: