better for baby

Today, more than ever people are interested in getting back to basics; keeping things free of dangerous chemicals and harmful materials. Especially when it comes to our babies. We understand more than ever the importance of reading labels and making informed decisions about the products we purchase.

The Benefits

  • Cloth diapers are natural and do not cause heat against baby’s skin.
  • The cotton used in cloth diapers allows for increased airflow inside the diaper which helps prevent diaper rash and keeps your baby cooler.why-cloth_better-for-baby
  • We use only 100% organic cotton for our diaper inserts.
  • In addition, when you consider the absorbency of cloth, it will absorb less than paper diapers. This is a good thing! Cloth diapers generally start to feel damp after an average of 3-4 hours of wear, cueing your baby that they have wet their diaper. This will transition them to the potty quicker.
  • When you use our service, you won’t be concerned with the amount of diaper changes since we charge a flat weekly fee.

Reduces Diaper Rash

  • Many, MANY cloth diapering families rave about the benefits of cloth diapers in the prevention of diaper rash.
  • Since cloth diapers are made from all natural materials, only soft cotton sits against your baby’s delicate skin reducing the chances of diaper rash.
  • Since cloth is the most natural fabric, no chemicals or synthetic materials are present that can irritate the skin.
  • And cloth is so comfortable against your baby!

Ways to Prevent Diaper Rash

  • Change your baby’s diaper often letting your baby sit in a wet diaper is a sure fire way to cause irritation. Change soiled diapers immediately. Make sure your baby’s bottom is dry before putting a new diaper on.
  • Clean your baby’s bottom really well at every change.
  • Use wipes that are scent and alcohol free. Better yet, use cloth wipes with water or a mild wipe solution.

If you want to experience how our diapers are better for your baby, please call us at 323.225.5858 or email!