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LULUDEW IS ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS: Welcome to Luludew! We’re happy you’re here!

Effective immediately all Diaper 101 classes will be virtual until further notice. Register below and we’ll send next steps and links to our online course.

  1. Try our service for 4 weeks.
  2. Cancel Anytime
  3. No need to purchase diapers.
  4. The weekly fee covers rental of product, cleaning, and delivery
  5. We’ll deliver to your door every week
  1. Come to an office demo or take a virtual class and learn how to use our products
  2. Leave with your diapers the day of your demo or get a pre-birth delivery 3 weeks before your due date.
  3. Buy accessories.
  4. Get started as soon as your baby arrives.
  1. Switch sizes easily
  2. Try new options with ease
  3. We deliver accessories to your door free of charge.