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Cloth diapering is an affordable and environmentally friendly way to diaper your child. Despite what many parents-to-be may think, cloth diapering is actually easy. Cloth diapers come in many different styles that can easily fit into any parent’s daily routine.

On this episode (listen now), Dawn is joined by Sandy Soriano Barajas, owner of Luludew Organic Diaper Service in Los Angeles, CA. Dawn and Sandy, who are both cloth diapering moms, will discuss the benefits cloth diapering offers not only in terms of products that are green and environmentally friendly, but also cost effective as well.

Please be sure to listen to this episode to learn all about the world of cloth diapering.


PrintExperiencing Leaks?

Hard to believe but leaks should NOT be a common occurrence with cloth. Consider these tips to make sure cloth is working smoothly for your family!

#1: Make sure the leg holes on the cover are snug. Do the 1 finger test: If you can slip one finger in between your babe’s leg and the cover and it feels snug, then it’s on properly.

#2: Is there any cotton sticking out? Oh no! Tuck that sucker in! Cotton peeking out is a no, no!

#3: If you check your baby every 2-3 hours and the diaper is SOAKED! Move up in size!


Did you know that you can start potty learning as soon as your baby is either crawling or walking around? Or even earlier if you practice E.C. (we’ll chat about that later). Here’s how to gradually transition your baby to the potty in a gentle, non-“training” way:

#1: Whenever possible have your baby crawl or walk around in just their cotton diaper. (* you’ll need to secure it with a snappi). When you see the diaper a bit soaked, point out the potty and say something like, “wow! do you feel that? you just went potty in your diaper! We go to the potty in the toilet. There it is. If you’d like, try sitting on the potty next time :)”

#2: Always deal with “accidents” in a non-judgemental way. Acknowledging the incident and cleaning it up without a big deal will help your toddler feel confident as they transition to the potty.#3: Every child learns at a different pace. Give them the freedom to learn the potty as slowly or quickly as they feel it necessary.