What type of diapers do you deliver?

  • We provide 100% organic cotton prefold diapers. Our diapers are so easy to use and do not require pins. You may choose to use a snappi to fasten in place.
  • We also provide night-time diapers made of several layers of super absorbent microfiber.

How many diapers do I receive per week?

  • With your first 2 deliveries you receive the following count: Newborn 80, Infant 70, Regular 60, Toddler 50.
  • After those 2 weeks, we deliver only the diapers that you return to us so that at any given time, you only have 80 diapers in your home.
  • This alleviates the mountain of diapers that can pile up if your child uses less than your weekly allotted diapers.
  • If you every need more diapers, you can request 10 more in your 2 week rotation at no additional cost. Need more? You can request sets of 20 more for $2.95

Do we get the same diapers every week?

  • Due to the popularity of our diaper service, we are no longer able to reserve the same diapers for your family.
  • Rest assured we test each batch of diapers as they come out of our industrial washers to ensure they are clean and sanitary.

Do I need to be home when you drop off the diapers?

  • You do not need to be home to receive your diapers.
  • Place the soiled diapers on your doorstep and we will exchange them for a new batch every week.
  • We will send out a text message the night before to remind you to leave out your diapers. When you receive the text, leave out your soiled diapers and we’ll exchange them for clean ones.

We are new to cloth diapering; will we know how to use the cloth diapers when they arrive at our home?

  • Most of our clients are welcoming their first baby when they sign up for our diaper service.
  • To ensure that you start on the right foot, we will reserve a 45 minute demo to show you everything you need to know to cloth diaper successfully.
  • You get to practice and ask questions to feel confident when you start using our service.
  • At the end of the demo, you get to take all the items home and wait for your baby to arrive.
  • We also have great videos in our video page in case you need a refresher.

How do you ensure that the diapers we receive are clean?

  • Every batch of diapers that comes out of our industrial washers is tested to ensure that they are clean and sanitary.
  • As a second line of security we also send out our diapers to an independant testing facility that validates our results
  • We test the pH of every load that comes out of our commercial washers.
  • We match the pH of your babies skin so that when you receive your diapers in your home, you can be confident that they are sanitary and ready to use on your baby’s delicate bottom

What type of laundering equipment do you use?

  • Because we want to provide the most sanitary products for your child, we only use commercial washing equipment
  • Home laundering machines simply can not get hot enough to clean your diapers thoroughly.
  • Our machines also use less water and energy than home laundering equipment since they can be programmed to our specifications.

Do you use bleach?

  • We use oxygenated bleach which is less harsh than liquid chlorine bleach.
  • This is often a concern for parents, but let us share some facts
  • Bleach is the only product that will kill harmful bacteria.
  • After using bleach in our wash cycle we test the diapers to ensure that there is no residual bleach in our product

What is the minimum commitment to use your service?

  • The minimum commitment to use our service is 4 weeks.
  • After the first 4 weeks of service, you will go into reoccuring billing. We will bill your card every 4 weeks.
  • You can cancel anytime after the minimum commitment has been met.

What if we need to go on vacation, do we have to pay for service?

  • When you go on vacation, simply submit a request form under customer care > account changes and we will hold your service.
  • No need to return your diapers to us if the hold is less than 3 weeks. Simply resume service when you return.
  • Leave the dirty diapers on your doorstep and we will pick up and resume service when you return.
  • We will extend service by the amount of time you are away.